Dazz Cam is a handy little photo editor that can easily replace expensive programs. With it, you can easily edit your photos on your device. The developer has done its best for its users by offering a simple interface that even those who have never encountered editing programs will understand. The interface has a large number of effects that will suit all tastes and preferences. If the picture is poor quality, Dazz will easily cope with the task. The finished photo, you can upload to social networks and boast in front of your friends. To download the official version of Dazz Cam for free on your device, you need to click the link on this page and wait for the full installation.

The Dazz Cam app is designed specifically for devices that support the iOS operating system.

Options and Features

  • there is a built-in retro style camera;
  • you can get an incredible shot due to the double exposure, i.e. two frames in one;
  • high detail of the original photo and the processed photo;
  • crash effect;
  • sufficient number of filters and effects that are easy and quick to adjust;
  • to create a unique image, you can add flash during editing;
  • you can use a square frame, for example, to add to social media.

Download Dazz Cam

To successfully install the application, the user just needs to click on the installation file, and then, it will start downloading automatically. Wait until Dazz installation is complete, click the icon again and you can use it. With this program, you will become a star among your friends in social networks.


The Dazz Cam photo editor makes everything easy by just tapping the screen of your device. If you want to change a photo that has been taken so far and get an incredible picture in a new format, then Dazz Cam will be the most relevant app. You can use the program anywhere, because you have at your fingertips a handy app that will turn image editing into a fun activity.